My 10 best places & moments to crochet

Today I would like to share with you my crocheting habits. If you are not a crochet addict yet, it’s a way to show you how usefull and peacefull this creative activity can be ! If you are a crochet addict like me, I hope this article will encourage your self-confidence (as well as mine :)) to crochet anywhere in any condition !

My 10 best places _ moments to crochet-title

  1. In the bed before falling asleep

    As I said before, crochet is a very peacefull activity, that’s why it is a great activity for preparing your body for sleep. Comfortably installed in your bed, you are just relaxing while mechanically crocheting your stitches… It is far better than watching TV with you eyes glued on the blue screen ! I also enjoy crocheting better than reading on the evening because it is less tiring for the eyes. Of course this means that you don’t begin a complicated work at this moment (when you have to be extremely carefull counting the stitches for example)…

  2. Having some rest on the couch

    Mister Owl wants to watch a football game ? Little Owl is watching his favorite cartoon ? It’s not a problem if you have your crochet tote bag always ready near the couch ! It will save you a lot of useless energy to fight against them AND you will be the next to choose the channel at the end of the show !

  3. On holidays

    On holidays there is always a moment in the day when you just want to chill out. I usually enjoy those moments to sleep, read and to have a fresh drink, but after 2 hours like this I get bored… Last summer I took my crochet tote bag to the beach one afternoon and I really enjoyed it, particularly after 5pm when the temperature began to decrease ! I had to be a little bit more carefull because of the sand which I didn’t want to stuff the whool, but it was great, you should try it !

  4. During pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a long way to go, nine months when you have to rest more than usual, particularly in the third trimester. Crocheting will help you to relax, to escape from  all the stressfull questions you are asking yourself before your childbirth. It is also a way to prepare his or her arrival with beautifull handmade gifts which will make you very proud.

  5. In the car

    I can be a little bit stressed in the car when I’m not driving myself (ask Mr Owl !)… Last summer we had a long car ride to the South of France and I couldn’t drive myself (long story…). I needed something to focus on and I tried crochet. At first I was not convinced (I was scared of motion sickness), but finally this experience was very promissing : Mr Owl and myself both enjoyed the ride 🙂

  6. In public transport

    I haven’t tried yet to crochet in the parisian subway and it is something I think I will never do, really too crowded ! However, I already crocheted several times on high-speed trains and I really enjoyed passing the time this way. This needs a little psychologic effort first (“am I going to assume I’m crocheting in front of everyone ?”), but quickly you realize that nobody cares what you are doing in the train because everyone is focused elsewhere (reading, watching a movie, looking after the children…) ! I haven’t tried on a plane yet, but I will (be carefull if you knit, knitting needles are not always allowed in planes).

  7. When I’m sick

    I won’t tell you that it feels great to crochet when you are sick, but it is a really  good activity to switch off the TV and to feel that, even if you are sick, at the end of the day you produced something !

  8. On rainy days

    You wanted to spend the day outside but the weather decided differently ? Take this as an opportunity to begin the beautifull crochet pattern you found on the internet and didn’t take the time to begin yet !

  9. With the girls

    I couldn’t organize yet a DIY tea party (or mojito party :), depending on the hour and the mood of the day), but I am looking forward to !

  10. In a french coffee ?

    I like chilling out in parisian coffees, looking at people on the street, reading and drinking. I will definitly try to take my crochet work with me someday, and if it can be on a sunny terrace, it would be perfect !

10 best corps

What about you ?

When and where do you like to knit or crochet ?


2 thoughts on “My 10 best places & moments to crochet

  1. Nice article about where and when to crochet!
    I always knit during my plane trips. I never got problems getting my big needles on the plain. And I enjoy taking my knitting works with me in holidays. You always have a latency time waiting for somethig or someone, so knit. Already tried knitting on parisian suburbia buses and trams and it is ok if you have a sit.


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