Lisa, the kawaii octopus

Please meet Lisa, The Frenchy Owl’s new crochet amigurumi ! She’s a cute kawaii octopus with a girly flower on top of her head.

LisaThe kawaï octopus

Lisa is “designed by Frenchy” and I’m working on writting down the pattern so you could make it too !

3 wool colors were used : pink ~ salmon, black and candy pink mixed with orange. All was crocheted with a 3,5 mm crochet to make it tight, as the wool could be crocheted from 3,5 to 4.

She is about 15 cm tall and 30 cm large. Her tentacles are attached in a way they can be moved vertically so that Lisa can easily be grabbed by the baby.

I prefer to embroider the eyes than to use safety eyes when it’s for a newborn, but this is my choice, you can use safety eyes if you want.

As I completely created Lisa, it took a little bit more time than usual to crochet, I had to undo several times to find the perfect sizing ! But the result is here, I find her supercute !!!

Except the flower that can be a little bit tricky for beginners, this amigurumi is very easy to make if you are used to working in circle.

Lisa the Kawaii Octopus 2

Lisa is a surprise for a little baby girl that was born a few days ago, Coline. Welcome to our world Coline !


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