The French 2016 Craft & DIY Exhibition

The French 2016 Craft & DIY Exhibition took place in Paris this week ! I couldn’t miss it !

salon-1I really enjoyed the “Inspiration Avenue” with several inspirating themes. The two pictures above and below are one of them.


Of course I bought several items, but finally less than expected ! I couldn’t find the yarn I was looking for… in fact there wasn’t a lot of crochet and knitting stands. Still, I’m really happy with what I bought :

  • a great crochet book on mandalas
  • a piece of linen to make customized tote-bags and cushions
  • heat-activated letters to customize textiles
  • several braids for the futur ethnic bags and pouch I want to make.

Salon 2.png

This exhibition was a great occasion to discover new suppliers for my next creations. I had a crush on three beautiful shops :

1° The French designer Odile Bailloeul with her wonderful velvet textiles and braids. I find a little Russian inspiration in her floral design. They are colorful and so feminine. A perfect choice for ethnic projects.


2° The beautiful and soft handmade dyed wools of “La Fée Fil“. (Where I really appreciated the kindness of the sellers !)


3° Last but not least, the wonderfull Babachic’s braids ! I bought three of them and it was really hard not to buy everything ! I will definitely buy other braids there, especially as the sellers were very kind and helpfull.


I wish you all a great week-end !


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