Huck the Pelican

I finally found some time between Little Owl’s naps (and thanks to Mr Owl…) to write this article. I hope I will manage the same way this week to install a good writing rythm !

Let me introduce you to Huck the Pelican ! Huck is one of Ed’s Birds Menagerie by Kerry Lord, I was so excited when the book was published in French !

Huck is my first bird and I love it ! It was an order from little baby Basile who was born a few months ago. Now Huck is looking after him…

huck-1I used a 3,5 mm crochet with a 3,5-4 wool (70% acrylic / 30% wool). It took me about 15 cumulated hours and I think I would crochet faster next time (the legs for sure).

I followed the tutorial step by step but I made two little changes :

  • I closed the beak at the beginning so it is still possible to put things inside (a little fish?) and it’s shape is great like this
  • I also chose to put a little bit of grey colour on it’s tail, I thought it would be better and I am very satisfied of the result !


I tested Huck on Baby Owl and he loved it. I need to make another bird for him ASAP 🙂 He couldn’t stop looking at him and trying to grab the different parts of its body.


As you can see I’m a big fan of Kerry’s patterns (have a look on the rabbit I also made !)…  Her patterns are really cute, well explained and babies and children love them ! Making them is a good way to learn crochet technics when you begin crochet. In each of her books she progressivly increases difficulty level, that’s why her books are for all crocheters.

Have a nice week everyone !

Photo credits on the beach : Mr Owl 🙂

For those who wonder where the photos were taken : on the beautiful French Atlantic coast in Pornic !




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